Our drawer boxes are made with select wood types and offer an extensive array of internal options and innovative storage solutions. Lovely dovetail patterns accented with custom fronts.

Which type of dovetails do you prefer? We can build any patterns to suit you're personal style.

Used for centuries, dovetail joints have been used for building boxes, drawers, chests, storage solutions and other woodworking projects.

A dovetail is a joint technique commonly used in woodworking joinery. This includes cabinets, furniture, various constructions and timber frames.


Dovetails offer internal strength and resistance to coming apart. A dovetail joint joins sides of the drawer at the front. A series of cuts and pins extend from one end of the board and interlock tails cut into the other end of the board. Once glued, a dovetail joint requires no mechanical fasteners.

Windsor Cabinet Company offers and array of various dovetail joints, patterns and designs that not only make a timeless and sophisticated statement, but turn your cabinetry into an artistic piece sure to wow you're friends!

Dovetail Patterns

Dovetail patterns offer a refined classic look of symmetry and craftsmanship. A bold look that goes with any type of cabinetry totally customized for any project. Build your dovetail pattern to fit your design.

Top Profiles

Let the top profile enhance the drawer’s purpose. From clean square to soft rounded edges, this detail allows you to build additional uniqueness to your project.